Boon of the Unicorn
35 mm D20 chonk

Remember the unicorn you helped out of that cursed bog a while back? It grants you this boon as a thank you!

Pastel rainbow mica swirls, inked with a chrome ink.

Perfect for D20 systems like Pathfinder, D&D and other role playing games.

1 Sharp Edge D20 (35mm)

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The second image (taken from above) shows the dice in natural, regular light taken next to a window.

 Handmade Disclaimer:

All of my dice at Dice Dominion are handmade by myself.
From creating the 3D files to printing, sanding and polishing the masters, creating the molds, pouring, sanding, polishing and inking the dice.

Although I try my best to note any flaws in the descriptions, the nature of the dice is handmade and they may have unlisted minor imperfections like micro-scratches, disturbances to the surface, slight mold lines, etc., that are hardly visible and don't affect their weight, balance or rolling ability.

Inclusions can sometimes disturb the surface of the dice. This is not a flaw because it's somewhat inevitable when using inclusions.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions about the dice!

Choking Hazard! Dice are small and look very mouth-friendly. Children under the age of 6 (and adults that like to put dice in their mouth) should be supervised by an adult while handling them.

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