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8 piece dice set


Ruidus, moon of crimson hue,
Wrapped in lattice, divine and true,
Your stormy skies and flashes bright,
Reveal a world of wonder and might.

The stormy moon, with its erratic flare,
Is said to bring disasters and despair.
But for those born under its crimson light,
Fate may hold them to a future bright.

Epoxy resin dice colored with opaque red pigment paste and black marbling, inked with a matte, white acrylic ink.

B-grade set with minor flaws that don’t affect rolling. Flaws are shown in the photos.

Perfect for D20 systems like Pathfinder, D&D and other role playing games.

8 Piece Sharp Edge Dice Set contains:

1-Shard D4 (13mm) #4 has tiny pockmarks
1-Rhombic D6 (14mm) #6 has tiny pockmarks
1-D8 (18mm) #8 has tiny pockmarks
1-Crystal D10 (18mm) #8 has tiny pockmarks
1-Crystal D% (18mm) #80 has tiny pockmarks
1-Rhombic D12 (17mm) #12 has tiny pockmarks
1-D20 Logo (20mm) #20 (logo) has tiny pockmarks
1-D2 Logo (38mm) sun side has tiny pockmarks

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Out of stock

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